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Over the years, Industrial Technology has provided a range of components used in the Delta rocket family with a 100% success rate. After achieving stringent qualifications in both machining and welding for cryogenic applications, Industrial Technology has developed a reputation as a reliable and vital cryogenic component manufacturer. IT is instrumental in providing hermetically sealing services to support the growing need for cryogenic temperature probes within the aerospace community.

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With great proximity to many marine-based manufacturing firms in the area, Industrial Technology has helped provide general machining and welding services and small to mid-scale production runs for various needs within the marine sector. Our extensive knowledge and use of marine-friendly materials such as 316L stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum make Industrial Technology a great choice to meet your marine needs.

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Industrial Oil and Gas

Industrial Technology is a leading provider of high-quality components for the industrial oil and gas industry. One of our recent and ongoing projects includes the fabrication of several components to support a high-quality management system used for level, temperature, and density profiling of LNG and LPG storage tanks found in Zone 0 & 1 conditions. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, these components incorporate the use of each of our major departments for welding, machining, and sheet metal fabrication.

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Power Generation

In recent years, Industrial Technology has become a significant force for providing full integration of assemblies and subassemblies for the power generation industry, including the Mitsubishi Power Aero FT8 and FT4000 power generators, which requires the integration and/or testing of over 7000 procured, fabricated, or tested components in one assembly.

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With the full utilization of each internal department, Industrial Technology has provided many machine components, assemblies, and subassemblies for manufacturing equipment used in the industry for the production of many well-known pharmaceutical products available today. We
have provided precision machined parts, weldments, and sheet metal fabrications for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

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Airline Ground Support

Industrial Technology has provided high-quality, durable Ground Support Equipment to major ground support contractors and sub-contractors since 1987. Our equipment has the versatility and toughness to meet the needs of the most stringent tarmac conditions. Our towbar line contains rigid and hydraulically assisted models to suit your budget needs, with nickel-plated heads to protect against heavy handling and severe weather conditions. Our engine stands and carts utilize heavy gauge steel and premium castors for optimum roll and transport performance.

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Industrial Technology supports several DoD programs, including the M1 Abrams tank, the C-130and the C-17, with small and mid-size production runs of both machined components and mid-size steel, aluminum, and stainless steel fabrications.